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Happy #GivingTuesday! Help Me Support NTEN!


Happy #GivingTuesday! It is the official start of  giving season and year-end campaigns.   For the past three years,  I’ve been a fundraising champion for NTEN, the premier organization for nonprofit techies.

Let me tell you why:

I started working in the field of nonprofit technology in 1992 before there was an organization like NTEN and working alone you quickly face the problem of too much to learn alone.      In the years leading up to the formation of NTEN, I was lucky enough to connect with colleagues and learn from them.  We were called “Circuit Riders.”   The first nonprofit technology conference (NTC) was in 2002 in Orlando.     I was a coordinator for the Annual Day of Service from 2002-2011, a day where nonprofit techies gave their time and skills back to the community where the conference was hosted.

NTEN provides connections, learning, and inspiration for nonprofit techies like me to do their best work.   NTEN’s programs such as the national conference, regional gatherings, online educational opportunities, and reports are valuable, but even more valuable is the community.   NTEN nurtures and supports a vast community of folks who are passionate about nonprofit technology and social good causes and want to learn from each other.

So, please join me today and help me support NTEN on #GivingTuesday.

  • Join me for a chat on #GivingTuesday, TODAY December 3 at 9:00 am PST with NTEN CEO, Amy Sample Ward. We’ll be talking about NTEN’s great work, #GivingTuesday, and why collective philanthropy is powerful. You can participate here.
  • I published a guest post on the LinkedIn Corporate blog about why I’m supporting NTEN.
  • I created an “unselfie” – sharing the charity I’m supporting – NTEN.
  • Join me for a Twitter Chat at 12:30 pm PST – I’ll be taking over the UnFoundation Twitter account

I’ll be facilitating the Knight Foundation Peer Exchange for local GivingDays, a group of Community Foundation partners that are hosting Giving Days using the Giving Day Playbook and hearing a lot of lessons learned from Nov. Giving Days.

  • I can declare a minor victory with Conan O’Brien getting into the giving spirit of GivingTuesday.  While over 5,000 people signed my petition asking him to do a monologue about charity giving and Giving Tuesday, he is at least participating in Craig Newmark’s Holiday Challenge.

Please consider making a donation to NTEN as part of my campaign.  And thank you.

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  2. […] “Happy #GivingTuesday! It is the official start of giving season and year-end campaigns. For the past three years, I’ve been a fundraising champion for NTEN, the premier organization for nonprofit techies.”  […]

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