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Giving Planner by Giving Compass


I don’t know about you, but with everything that is going on in the world today – from natural disasters and political issues – I’m frequently being asked to donate to different causes. And I do give to disaster relief or practice “rage giving,” but I also want my giving to make a difference and have the most impact.

That’s where the concept of impact philanthropy comes into play and you don’t have to be a millionaire or billionaire to practice this approach. Impact-driven philanthropists have a passion for solving problems and a commitment to supporting people and organizations closest to the problems they hope to solve by donating.

GivingCompass, a web site that delivers content and tools to help all of us become “impact givers” and improve the quality of our philanthropy, recently added a tool called the “Giving Planner,” that allows you to build a personal impact giving plan in one place. It analyzes your giving and provides some good feedback and guidelines for making sure your giving has impact.

The site also offers  content that is expertly curated to cover trends, research, topics, causes, and other information — all with the goal to help improve giving and philanthropy. You can also personalize your selection of content. And, you can also add their widget to your web site which gives you a great curated selection of philanthropy news.

Do you want to be a better giver as we head into the giving season?  Check out Giving Compass!

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  1. Shiv says:

    It seems too good. I’ll use it thanks for sharing.

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