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Celebrate! You’re Invited to the Virtual Launch of The Networked Nonprofit

Networked Nonprofit

You are invited to a virtual book launch party! Join us today,  June 21st from 1-2 PM PST/4-5 PM EST for the launch of  The Networked Nonprofit published by Jossey-Bass.   Follow it on Twitter (#netnon) and/or Ustream (http://www.ustream.tv/channel/networked-nonprofit).   We have over 600 people who have signed up to join us!

Our party goal: Make The Networked Nonprofit a top ten bestseller in Amazon.com’s business book section.   And if you are going to buy a copy, please wait until the party and to preorder your copy on Amazon.  Together as a group we can make The Networked Nonprofit a business bestseller!  Plus,  I’m donating all of my profits to the Sharing Foundation, which helps to care for Cambodia’s children.  Allison is donating to the Hope for Henry Foundation, which provides gifts to children in hospitals with chronic diseases.

We are thrilled with the early reviews that are coming in like this one from colleague Lucy Bernholz who writes the Philanthropy 2173 blog:

Kanter and Fine live and act like the very types of organizations they explicate in the book. As leaders and learners they connect, share, give credit, invite, discuss, rehearse, improve and introduce. They try things out in public – the book was written collaboratively across different time zones, drafted and shared in countless speeches, slide decks, workshops and twitter feeds.

And they’ve done their homework. The Networked Nonprofit has a dozen examples for every idea it offers – from big organizations and small, digital native enterprises and transformed “old line” institutions, freelance activists and professionals of every stripe.

Here’s the launch party schedule.  Feel free to pop in for five minutes or spend the hour with us.   We’ll be talking about different themes from the book and answer your questions.   We’ll cover:


(1)  What is it like to co-wrote a book?   We have different styles of thinking, writing, and working.  Plus we live on different coasts.  We’ll talk about how we managed our collaboration.


(2)  Why we wrote the book!  What was the initial inspiration, what we discovered in our research, and how we arrived at the framework for the Networked Nonprofit.


(3)  The Networked Nonprofit Framework.   We believe that Networked Nonprofits first have to be, before they can do. We share a 12 step framework in the book.    We’ll discuss these three important themes from the “being” side.   We’ll take your questions.

  • Creating a social culture at your nonprofit
  • Becoming more transparent, less of a fortress
  • Simplicity, letting go, focusing on what you do best and network the rest


(4)   We’ll also talk about these themes from the “doing” side of the framework:

  • Working with “Free Agent” fundraisers
  • Rapid experimentation and learning

Photoshop by Jason Chmura Membership Director, SNPO

In the spirit of being willing to do anything for my favorite charity, The Sharing Foundation, if we get a single order 100 or more copies of the book from one individual, I’ll jump in the pool (with my cloths on).   I’ll  do this live on camera (but get out of the pool off camera).  It will work like this, for the order of 100, I’ll jump.   (email the Amazon receipt to me at beth AT bethkanter dot ORG).    If we happen to get a second order of 100, Allison might make a splash too.

Thanks everyone for the wonderful support!  We hope to see you at the virtual launch!   (If not, we’re gearing up for lots of book parties and events this week and next!)

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  1. I just placed my Amazon order and can’t wait to see the book make it to the Top 100!

    Congratulations to all involved and to the non-profit community!

  2. Beth says:

    Thanks so much for your support!

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  4. Ordered the book and attended the launch; got 2 others from my organization to join me! Great Job Beth and Allison!

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