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Mindful or Mind Full Social Media?


I am doing the ending key note at the Social Media 4 Nonprofits Conference in Silicon Valley today.    Here’s the description:

How nonprofits can stay focused given all the distractions inherent in today’s attention economy? Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming– you can take control back.  This session will teach you some techniques that you can immediately put into practice and help you work more efficiently and effectively, enabling you to achieve more in less time and ultimately increase the return of your efforts.

My talk is a  call to action to nonprofits to be more intentional and mindful in how they curate and consume content from social networks.    I’ll be talking about the art and practice of good curation and also share some techniques for staying focused while doing working on social media for practitioners.


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  1. Mark Shreve says:

    Hi Beth, my company consults non-profits in online fundraising. We’re a startup and always looking for ways to help the NPOs we work with boost their social media so that they can turn their followers into donors. It would be great to chat with you and get some pointers if you’ve got a few minutes? Thanks!

  2. Or you could just tell them to make more time in their day by learning how to type at 150wpm and fire out blogs minutes after keynote speeches ;). That was seriously impressive.

    Speaking of serious, I use netvibes as my content curator. Have any experience with/comparative thoughts on netvibes vs what you have listed above?

  3. Hillary says:

    The title of this post alone is a great reminder. I volunteer with a few small non-profits and help out with social media (in my spare time, ha!) and this feeling of empowerment by actively engaging is a message I speak to in reply to the constant feeling of overwhelm that many people feel. Sounds like a great presentation Beth!

  4. Rosie Parkyn says:

    Hi Beth
    Really interested to hear that you’re going to be working in Africa in the coming year and would love to know more about what you’re doing. I work in the Africa team for BBC Media Action, the BBC’s international development charity, where we use the media to help deliver on development goals. I’m really keen this year to look at how we can incorporate new technologies into our work as we rely heavily on traditional media, particularly radio. I’m wondering whether there’s any crossover with your work?
    Many thanks
    Rosie Parkyn

  5. Beth – Love your point of view on social media and how it fits for Non-Profits.

    I would love your input on my latest white paper on Donor Engagement.


  6. Beth says:

    Hi Hilary: That feeling is common but you don’t have to let it be that way. If you follow some of the links, you’ll see some techniques on how to conquer overwhelmed.

    Hi Rosie: I worked in Rwanda earlier this year as a trainer for a Women’s Leadership program. I will be in Tunisia in September doing a training for nonprofits and women entrepreneurs on using social media effectively. Do you work in Tunisia.

    Chicke and Mark: Thanks for sharing. I’m about to leave for some vacation time and will take a look upon my return.

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