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Find the Charlie’s, Justine’s, and Edna’s in your network


I was honored to moderate a panel at  Innogive Conference on the intersection of social and mobile strategy.   I got to hear Scott Dunlap who is VP, Emerging Opportunities/New Ventures at PayPal deliver a great talk that offers some persona for different actors in your nonprofits network and how they influence, activate, or raise awareness for your cause through social channels.  The  slides are here.

His points were:

  • Each person does a little, the community does a lot
  • “Does” is any action – post, like, share, mobile photo,create – expressed via a social voice
  • Enabling expression of the social voice will raise more$$$ than a direct donation

He went on to describe how to activate social voice by describing how these personas use social networks to share information about their favorite charities and fundraise for them.

Charlie the Artist. He was asked to donate to cancer charity.  He was not impressed and neither were his friends.  However, he was impressed with this slogan, and he does this:

  • His creates mugs and t-shirts @ Zazzle
  • He creates eBay charity page
  • He posts links to his “tribe” on Facebook,Twitter, and Tumblr- His friends “like”, “retweet”, “repost” bythe hundreds…many purchase

Justine the Curator. Justine likes to find things online, assemble, and share with friends and uses platforms like pinterest.

392 “repins”

A network of Martha Stewarts spread the word…and creates a commerce storm-

People searching for the phrase find this shirt, and also find Justine

Edna the Mobile Granny. Edna loves her smart phone, particularly to take picturesand share with her friends and family on Facebook.  Edna takes a picture of her niece in a t-shirt.-

  • She shares it with her friends to show she’s hip, cool, and with her niece
  • Friends “like” it
  • A cancer-surviving grandma in Denmark re-posts and says “den bedste!”
  • A Danish friend sees this and translates the image into three languages (she’s a“Charlie”)

So the cycle continues.  The results?

Have you created persona’s for how people share content in your network?

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Beth- what a fantastic summary of the process and importance of peer-to-peer sharing and fundraising. Today with social media being the easiest way to make that happen, it really challenges a lot of organizations to stay on their edge of donor engagement.

  2. Beth says:

    Thank Vanessa, I thought so too and that’s why I thought the concept might of interest to blog readers.

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