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A Few Reviews of The Networked Nonprofit

Networked Nonprofit

@Clamo88 (Claire Murray) is a technologist who works for human service agencies

One of the most gratifying things about the publication of the book,  The Networked Nonprofit, is that it has re-connected me to colleagues and past clients as well as making connections to new people.

I met Claire Murray almost five years ago this month when I was working as a consultant for the Community Technology Center Networks to do training for human service agencies that provided homeless services.     Claire was working with the Cyber Cafe @ Malden Square.   I trained her staff on how to blog.

The clients at the  Cyber Cafe @ Malden Square were people who were “transitional homeless” – looking for work, getting job skills, finding a place to live, etc.   The concept for the blog was to for staff to use to capture ongoing resources that trainers and others might use to assist clients in their goals.   It was a good example of using a blog for nonprofits that we shared at Berkman Center Bloggers Meetup.

Claire has a unique perspective because she works inside of fortresses and networked nonprofits:  “I have one foot in the networked nonprofit world at the Cyber Cafe.  I have another foot in the not-so-networked world with my major organization.  They do network with other organizations, but they are not so ready for the digital foray.  (Young padouan must practice patience daily while straddling this dichotomy.)”    Here’s Claire’s review.

I hope Claire will share her thoughts in more depth on the JigSaw Puzzled Approach over at the Networked Nonprofit Wiki.

Devon Smith

I finally met Devon Smith face-to-face who writes the awesome 24 Usable Hours blog, a must read on theatres and social media at our New York City book launch event hosted by Demos  last month.  Devon was inspired to write a book review as well as a ten-point Networked Theatre Manifesto.  I like point 5 about interns.

We assert the unalienable rights of The Intern. We understand that The Intern might be a high school student, an MBA, a retiree, or anyone in between. The Intern will be taken seriously, given real work to do, be respected for their opinion, and will be patiently taught the things they don’t yet know.

(And, if you are looking for ten ideas on real work for interns, Allison Jones, have found this useful post)

Manny Hernandez

Manny Hernandez, has this review of the Networked Nonprofit on his blog and on Amazon.   Manny is the author of Ning for Dummies, but he is also the founder  of tudiabetes and estudiabetes, 2 social networks with more than 22,000 members.   He’s been at the center of the Social Media Diabetes community.

We are thrilled with the reviews (if I missed adding a link to yours, let me know in the comments).

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  1. as I wrote on LinkedIn:
    If was working in a non-profit the first book I would get to learn exactly how to generate more value and visibility for my organization, using social media tools it would be this book. Beth Kanter’s blog has been my most trusted place to seek ideas re non-profits for my work on forging partnerships and other kinds of collaboration. She is experienced, revered, inventive, practical and generous – like the kind of friend you most value. My copy of this book is heavily underlined.

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