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Twitter Chats As Pre-Survey For A Training

Instructional Design

As part of my work as Visiting Scholar for Social Media and Nonprofits,  I’ve been working with grantees on a variety of capacity building projects – from coaching to workshops to peer trainings.   One of the grantees I’m working with is  The  National Summer Learning Association and I will be doing trainings  at their national conference in November.  I did a TwitterChat with them to help promote the conference, but in the process discovered it was even more valuable to help design instruction.

As an instructor, one of the most important things I do to prepare is understand the learner – their context, their questions, their skill level, and their world.     I do an online pre-survey if possible and browse their social media outposts,  ask questions about the audience to the host, etc.      But one thing I’ve always wanted to try is a Twitter Chat before the session and use it as a focus group.

So rather than just do the expert q/a – that is have participants cue up their questions for me to answer,  I asked them lot of questions .   I learned a lot!

For example:

I even got to ask some questions about summer learning from the view point of a parent and share my experience.

The most valuable insight from the chat was this comment about leads to success in summer learning: relationships.  Now that’s a great connect to the principles of effective social media practice.

I’m using this post as part of my preparation and will encourage participants to share some additional insights in the comments.  All in all, a pleasant way to prepare for instruction.

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  1. We really enjoyed the chat too, Beth, and can’t wait for your workshops at conference. I think the program staff who attend conference will be really interested in how they can further the relationships you speak of through social media, while not adding lots of hours to their already-packed work days! And I know they’ll also be interested in ideas for keeping up the engagement even when it isn’t summer.

    Thanks again, and see you soon!

  2. Enolarae says:

    Please fix the too!

    Love your blog,

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